Scientific Advisory Board

The scientific advisory board consists of worldwide renowned specialists and local key opinion leaders in the fields of corneal biomechanics and surgery. Through their valued inputs, Optimo Medical AG strives to keep OptimeyesTM close to new scientific discoveries as well as the needs of surgeons.


Prof. Dr. Cynthia J. Roberts, PhD; The Ohio State University, USA
Cynthia Roberts (The Ohio State University, USA) is a professor in Ophthalmology and Biomedical Engineering. She holds the Martha G. and Milton Staub professorship at OSU. Her core competences are topography and biomechanics of the human cornea. In addition to numerous publications in the field, she wrote the often-cited editorial “The Cornea is Not a Piece of Plastic” and recently published her first book on the topography and assessment of the cornea.



Prof. Dr. Osama Ibrahim, MD; Alexandria University, Egypt
Osama Ibrahim is Professor in Ophthalmology at the Alexandria University Hospital, and is the president of the University of Alexandria, Egypt. He is also a specialist in surgery of the anterior segment of the eye, including cataract surgery, refractive surgery, and corneal cross-linking. Professor Ibrahim is one of the world's leading surgeons in his field, and is considered a key opinion leader.



Prof. Dr. Dan Z Reinstein, MD; London Vision Clinic, UK
Dan Reinstein is an eye surgeon and holds professorships in New York and Paris, with an active practice at the London Vision Clinic. In his 18 years career, he has developed an international reputation as an experienced LASIK surgeon, and is considered a key opinion leader in the field. Professor Reinstein has given over 400 lectures at conferences on five continents, hosted more than 50 scientific sessions at international meetings, has written 32 book chapters, and has published more than 200 journal articles.



Prof. Dr. Ahmed Elsheikh, University of Liverpool, UK
Ahmed Elsheikh is the head of the engineering school, professor for biomaterial mechanics, and the head of the ocular research group at the University of Liverpool. Prof. Elsheikh has an international reputation in experimental testing and numerical modeling of ocular tissue and ocular biomechanics. He has over a hundred scientific publications and has given many talks at international conferences.




Prof. Dr. Bojan Pajic, MD; Orasis Eye Institute, Switzerland
Bojan Pajic is the founder and owner of the Orasis eye institute, and President of the Swiss Eye Research Foundation. He holds professorships at the Medical Faculty, University of Defense Belgrade and at the Faculty of Science, Department of Physics at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia. Prof. Pajic is an experienced surgeon in cataract and glaucoma surgery, keratoplasty, corneal cross-linking, LASIK, and PRK. Besides numerous publications, he contributed to 29 books. Additionally, Prof. Pajic is one of OptimeyesTM partners for clinical evaluation studies.



Dr. Riccardo Vinciguerra, MD; Resident in Milan, Italy
Riccardo Vinciguerra is a young, ambitious eye surgeon. Although Dr. Vinciguerra is still relatively new to the field, he has already written several publications, and given numerous lectures at international conferences. In particular, Dr. Vinciguerra is very active in research in the areas of the epithelium and in corneal cross-linking, winning “best paper” awards for his work.