Board of Directors

Our board of directors unites all the experience and expertise needed for a successful start-up in medical technology. Start-up experience, entrepreneurship, vast background in quality management and regulatory affairs, finance and law, combined with years of experience in eye medicine, makes the board a very powerful and knowledgeable organ.


Hansjörg Riedwyl
Chairman, Founder, CEO ISS AG, Switzerland

Advanced studies in management and BSc in Electronics. Started ISS AG as a start-up (now 25 employees). Helped numerous companies in difficult times. Had the foresight in 2009 to endorse the Optimeyes project.



Dr. Michael Loretan
Member of the board, Executive Board finma, Switzerland

Graduate in law and graduate in economics. Established figure in the finance sector with broad knowledge of law. Responsible for consulting in the financial and legal aspects of the business. 



Prof. Dr. Holger Lubatschowski
Member of the board, CEO Rowiak GmbH, Germany

PhD and Habilitation in Physics. Established figure in Ophthalmology with broad knowledge of eye surgery and lasers. Responsible for consulting in the technical and physical aspects of the business.




Dr. Ulrich Hofer, PhD
Member of the board, Founder

PhD in Biology, promotion with specialization in modeling. Lecturer at ETH Zurich, University of Bern, University of Basel, and University of Biel.