Optimo Medical AG is a 100% privately financed med-tech company in eye care. We are dedicated to design and develop, produce and distribute software applications for planning, simulation, visualization, and training of therapy. 


Communications Center Biel

Optimo Medical AG was founded in September 2015 as a spin-off company of Integrated Scientific Services - ISS AG (www.iss-ag.ch), a service provider with over 12 Years of experience in the field of regulatory affairs, engineering support, quality management and software design, mainly in medical technology and focused in eye medicine.


In 2009 ISS AG started a collaboration with the University of Bern via a project partially sponsored by the CTI and SNSF to examine the biomechanical properties of the eye. This was the birth of the OptimeyesTM project. The CTI project was awarded the runner-up to the medtech Award in 2011. A second CTI project was started in 2012 to further investigate the subject, and a third consequtive CTI project was granted in 2015 and will start mid 2016. Aside of the CTI projects, a PhD thesis and several papers were published regarding OptimeyesTM. Talks about OptimeyesTM were held at congresses of the ASCRS, ESCRS, AAO, APAO, ESB, as well as at the CMBBE conference, and the International Crosslinking Conference (Zurich and Boston). Our Qualitiy System is certified according to EN ISO13485.

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We are a highly interdisciplinary team, bringing together all the necessary resources and expertise to create a sophisticated software solutions for eye surgery. Learn more about the entire team.


Optimo Medical AG
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CH-2503 Biel, Switzerland

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You can find us right next to the train station in Biel (exit towards the lake) in the communication center building. Parking is possible at "Centre Bahnhof Biel" or at the "Bahnhof Parking Biel". 

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