Innovation - Products of the future

Optimo Medical has created a feature rich simulation platform for ocular tissues, such as the cornea, the sclera and the crystalline lens. Only small parts of the technology goes into our first product, OptimeyesTM (and OptimeyesTM Embedded). The sections

give a good overview of the full potential of the OptimeyesTM technology. Still, we never run tired of looking into new areas for developments and innovation. Under the section Ocular Biomechanics you can explore what we have been working on lately to improve our core model for biomechanical simulations.

A new and very promissing field we are working on with Drs. Paolo and Riccardo Vinciguerra from Milan is the modelling and prediction of Surgery Regression and Epithelium Migration.

In the course of a EUREKA eurostars project, we are developing full eye simulations, ray tracing and Accommodation Simulation

In order to offer our customers the best simulation software possible, we found an excellent partner in ANSYS Inc., the global leader in software engineering. They also feature Optimo Medical AG on their Partner Ecosystem, where they describe the company and its product OptimeyesTM in more detail.