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Did you know that each day, more than 75'000 cataract eye operations take place? Making it one of the most common and safest type of surgery in the world.

Because each eye has a unique and personal shape and, therefore, its own distinctive biomechanical behavior, it is important for you that in any operation your individual requirements are satisfied. As a result, one of the major challenges for the eye surgeon is to “guess” how an individual eye might react to the cataract procedure. 

During a cataract operation the surgeon has the chance to minimize any astigmatism and try to ensure that the surgery will result in the best visual outcome for you.

This is where OptimeyesTM comes in.


OptimeyesTM replaces guessing with knowing

OptimeyesTM creates a virtual clone of your eye on your surgeon’s computer and by using cutting-edge software and algorithms your surgeon can conduct a virtual clinical simulation before the operation based on your individual eye and corneal measurements. This allows him/her to know exactly where to operate to give you the best post-cataract surgery result and eliminate any blurred vision.

It’s simple, quick and gives you true personalized surgery without using old-fashioned statistics or guesswork.

Do you want to eliminate your need for distance glasses? Do you want to get the best vision for TV subtitles, driving during night-time, lifestyle and hobbies, etc.?

Simple - ask your eye care practitioner about how OptimeyesTM can help you get better vision. Or get in touch with us to get your free information pack and to find an eye care practitioner near you.


before surgery - with cataract  after surgery - cataract and astigmatism corrected