OptimeyesTM and personalized eye surgery

Each day, more than 50'000 cataract eye operations take place around the globe. Each eye has an individual and unique shape and biomechanical behavior. At the same time, fractions of a millimeter can determine if the cataract surgery is a complete success or if any (visual) impairment, such as blurred vision and residual astigmatism, remains.

Therefore, one of the major challenges for the eye surgeon is to “guess” how an individual eye might react to the necessary cuts into the cornea. 

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OptimeyesTM replaces guessing with knowing


Our software carries out a virtual “dry run” of the operation planned for each individual eye and delivers to surgeons an accurate solution that considerably outperforms current, conventional, non-personalized methods such as statistical nomograms to deliver an improved visual outcome and reduces the need for further operations or glasses for distance vision correction.

Treat cataract and corneal astigmatism in one step

Cataract is usually caused by the natural ageing process of the eye and causes a restricted quality of sight. Vision gradually becomes more unclear and less sharp. The incidence of cataract increases with age.  

Corneal astigmatism is an irregular curvature of the cornea or the lens that causes blurred vision. Usually, this manifests itself as astigmatism which can be optically corrected with spectacles or contact lenses.

If you are about to have a cataract operation, the planning software OptimeyesTM also allows your surgeon to deal with any corneal irregularity, such as residual astigmatism, and reduce it to a negligible amount so no additional vision correction is needed reducing additional costs.

How can OptimeyesTM help?

OptimeyesTM combines together the planning of both cataract and corneal irregularity interventions. It simulates, on the basis of your individual measured data, where the necessary incisions for the upcoming procedure should be. OptimeyesTM replaces estimations by precision. Not only can two interventions be accomplished at once, they may also be combined with intraocular lenses (IOLs) for best results.

What advantages does OptimeyesTM have?

The software simulates the physical intervention for the individual eye. This simulation is more accurate than the nomograms used nowadays to plan your cataract surgery. The OptimeyesTM software does not use statistics but uses our corneal expertise, our unrivalled knowledge database and each eye’s individual biomechanical properties to deliver an exact model for each individual eye in advance of your operation. Now the surgeon knows exactly where the incision surgery should take place.

This means your operation can give you back clear and sharp sight. The costs for planning with OptimeyesTM are low and can be used together with many different operating techniques and solutions.

The OptimeyesTM procedure

  • Your individual eye measurements are used by the OptimeyesTMsoftware to plan your eye surgery
  • A simulated operation is carried out by OptimeyesTMon a virtual copy of your eye
  • The exact parameters of the operation are then calculated and optimized to reduce corneal irregularity and eliminate astigmatism
  • The cataract operation is carried out by your surgeon
  • The required benefits of your operation take place and your sight is restored

Important Safety Information

OptimeyesTM is a prescription medical device that can only be used by eye care professionals. Only a trained eye care professional can determine if an OptimeyesTM planned cataract and arcuate keratotomy surgery is appropriate for your condition. Therefore, make sure to discuss any medical history and medication use with your ophthalmologist or eye care practitioner prior to scheduling a surgery. 

Ask your doctor for more information about the intervention and the different possibilities or contact us for questions about the product.