OptimeyesTM and personalized eye surgery

With more than 50'000 cataract operations taking place daily around the globe the complex nature of the human cornea can have a significant impact on the potential outcome. Fractions of a millimeter can determine if the surgery is a success or if any residual astigmatism occurs. Hence, one of the major challenges for you, as an eye surgeon, is to guess how each individual eye might react to the necessary incisions into the cornea. 

Now, with OptimeyesTM you have the fantastic opportunity for real personalized eye surgery to precisely model and predict the outcome (on any residual astigmatism) which, in turn, is a much-needed benefit for your patients and their vision. This fits perfectly with the FDA 2018 Strategic Roadmap to advance the use of in silico (computerized) techniques to develop novel methods for creating models of virtual patient outcomes and modernizing evaluation of patient benefit and risk.

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OptimeyesTM replaces guessing with knowing


Our software simulates effects of physical interference planned for each individual cornea and delivers to you a precise solution that considerably outperforms current, conventional, non-personalized methods such as nomograms.

The OptimeyesTM method:

  • Individual measurements of the eye are fed into the OptimeyesTM software (currently supported: Oculus Pentacam/HR, Ziemer Galilei G2/G4)
  • The operation is "dry-run" using OptimeyesTM corneal biomechanics technology
  • Any residual astigmatism is calculated and minimized
  • Corneal incisions are optimized, risks are minimized
  • The physical procedure is performed
  • The required clinical outcome of negligible residual astigmatism and clear vision is delivered
  • You are rewarded with true personalized surgery resulting in great vision for your satisfied patient

OptimeyesTM provides patient-specific surgery planning for arcuate keratotomy astigmatism management in the course of cataract surgery. Contact us to obtain more detailed information. 

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Astigmatism management

Arcuate keratotomy is a valuable treatment method, and has been used in astigmatism management for small up to moderate cylinder values (0.5D to 3.0D) for many years. It's nomogram-based predictability, however, has never been satisfactory.

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This has now been solved in the Optimeyes™ corneal modeling software. Optimizing the incision parameters to the individual cornea by accounting for age, preoperative astigmatism, central, and paracentral, curvature, full pachymetry, and corneal biomechanical characteristics is now possible. The OptimeyesTM arcuate keratotomy surgery planning and optimization module features two different operation modes: Prediction and Optimization.

Prediction calculates the post-surgery cornea, based on given AK parameters. Optimization calculates the optimal surgery parameters for the individual patient:

  • optical zone
  • incision length
  • incision depth
  • orientation

The software knows symmetric incisions, one sided incisions, anterior penetrating and intrastromal incisions. Furthermore, incisions can be planned orthogonal to the patient bed or orthogonal to the corneal surface.

OptimeyesTM Brochure 

Please read and download our brochure, it offers detailed information on our product OptimeyesTM, the company  Optimo Medical and additional services available with our simulation technology.

Data import, comparison and difference maps

Besides surgery planning, the OptimeyesTM software is capable of comparing different measurements and predictions side-by-side or as difference maps.

Thereby, the measurements may come from the same or from a different cornea measurement system. Currently supported devices are:

  • Pentacam / Pentacam HR by Oculus Optikgeräte GmbH, Germany
  • Galilei G2 / G4 by Ziemer Ophthalmology, Switzerland

Core technology of the OptimeyesTM software is a personalizable virtual human eye, capable of predicting shape changes upon any type of physical interference. Among others, this virtual model can be used to predict the outcome of arcuate keratotomy relaxing incision surgery for individual patients.

Further OptimeyesTM solutions

Optimo Medical AG also provides Virtual Clinical Trials (parametric simulation studies) and consulting on corneal biomechanics and corneal topography. 

Important Safety Information

Arcuate keratotomy surgery is frequently performed and is a safe procedure for astigmatism management today. As always, make sure to discuss any medical history and medication use with your patient prior to scheduling a surgery.

OptimeyesTM is a prescription medical device that can only be used by eye care professionals. Only a trained eye care professional can determine if an OptimeyesTM planned arcuate keratotomy surgery is appropriate. 

 See what Dr. Dan Reinstein from the London Vision Clinic thinks of Optimeyes:

“I’m certainly very excited about this research and I think most of us in the ophthalmic community are looking forward to this being a widespread use product.”